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We can provide a entire-range of power transmission merchandise like chains, sprockets and plate wheels, pulleys, gearboxes, motors, couplings, gears and racks. we offer 1-end solution for the buy of mechanical power transmission goods in China. Our company pays certain focus to customers’ requirements, listening to the distinct requirements of every consumer and guaranteeing overall satisfaction. EPTT Engine EPT EPT / Sand EPT / Dredge EPT
We can put in the diesel motor according to our clients’ ask for, and do the EPT testing just before supply,
making certain the instant use out of container.
Our engineers will assist you do the diesel EPTT calculation in accordance to your presented parameters as followings:

one. Select the ideal diesel engine model
We suggest the model such as EPTT, Deutz, Perkins, EPT, also some renowned EPTT model,
EPT, EPTchai, ZheJCEP EPTT, etc. The EPTT service is accessible.
2. Coupling sort
EPT belt coupling or EPTT EPT box coupling are vailable, according to clients’ request, primarily based on the
RPM of both pump and diesel engine.
three. Design the community shared base frame
four. Total the set up of the pump set
5. Do the managing examination ahead of transport

DG series Gravel EPT Introduction:
DG series gravel pump is horizontal solitary-casing gravel pump with vast channel to transfer sands, slurries or
gravels with massive particle size. The damp elements are produced of put on resistant high-Chrome alloEPTTto guarantee EPTT provider
lifestyle. It has superior functionality than typical pumps in dredging, sand mining, barge loading and EPTral
processing and so on. With all the rewards of TG Gravel pump,TGH gravel pump has reached further large head for
EPTT operating circumstances.

Flow Price
EPTS Measurement (mm)
DG6-4D 36-252 three.5-fifty one 600-1400 82 2.5-3.five
DG8-6E 137-580 ten-48 800-1400 127 3.-four.5
DG10-8S 220-a thousand 13-fifty five hundred-1000 178 3.-seven.5
DG10-8F 220-a thousand thirteen-50 five hundred-1000 178 3.-7.5
DG12-10F 360-1520 11-58 400-850 220 2.-four.five
DG12-10G 360-1520 eleven-fifty eight 400-850 220 2.-4.5
DG14-12G five hundred-3100 6-66 300-700 241 2.-8.
DG16-14G 650-3610 nine-48 250-five hundred 254 three.-6.
DG18-16G 860-3800 9-forty eight 250-five hundred 254 three.-six.
DG18-16T 860-3800 nine-forty eight 250-five hundred 254 3.-6.
DGH12-10G 600-2200 28-seventy eight 350-seven-hundred 210 two.-8.
DGH10-8S 400-1290 eighteen-eighty five hundred-950 a hundred and eighty 2.-five.

DGH12-10G amp DGH10-8S, the two designs are large head gravel pumps, the max head can be up to
80 meters about, largely utilized for EPTT distance transportation pipelines with increased strain efficiency.

EPTT 8/six EPT EPTs for sand mining

EPTT 14/12 slurry pump for copper EPT sewage drinking water
HS series EPT EPT Parameters:

Product Max EPTT
Inlet amp Outlet dimensions (inch) EPT for Use Parts Stream Fee (Q) EPT
EPTTeller Dia.
m sup3/hr l/s
25HS-B fifteen 1.five/one M twelve.6~28.8 three.5~eight 6~sixty eight 1200~3800 152
R ten.8~25.2 3~seven 7~52 1400~3400 152
40HS-B 15 2/1.five M 32.4~72 nine~twenty six~58 1200~3200 184
R 25.2~54 7~15 five.five~41 1000~2600 178
50HS-C 30 three/two M 39.six~86.4 eleven~24 12~64 1300~2700 214
R 36~75.6 10~21 13~46 1300~2300 213
75HS-C thirty 4/three M 86.4~198 24~fifty five 9~52 one thousand~2200 245
R seventy nine.two~a hundred and eighty 22~50 5~34.5 800~1800 245
100HS-D 60 six/four M 162~360 40~a hundred 12~fifty six 800~1550 365
R a hundred and forty four~324 40~90 twelve~45 800~1350 365
150HS-E a hundred and twenty eight/6 M 360~828 one hundred~230 10~sixty one 500~1140 510
R 324~720 90~200 seven~forty nine four hundred~one thousand 510
200MS-E one hundred twenty 10/eight M 666~1440 185~four hundred 14~60 600~1100 549
200HS-ST 560 ten/8 M 612~1368 a hundred and seventy~380 eleven~61 four hundred~850 686
R 540~1188 a hundred and fifty~330 12~fifty 400~750 686
250HS-ST 560 12/ten M 936~1980 260~550 seven~68 three hundred~800 762
R 720~1620 two hundred~450 7~forty five three hundred~650 762
300HS-TU 560 fourteen/twelve M 1260~2772 350~770 thirteen~63 300~600 965
R 1152~2520 320~700 thirteen~forty four 300~500 965
350HS-TU 1200 16/fourteen M 1368~3060 380~850 11~sixty three 250~550 1067
450HS-TU 1200 20/eighteen M 2520~5400 seven hundred~1500 13~fifty seven 200~400 1370
25HHS-C thirty one.five/1 M sixteen.two~34.two 4.5~nine.5 25~92 1400~2200 330
50HHS-D sixty 3/2 M sixty eight.4~136.eight 19~38 twenty five~87 850~1400 457
75HHS-E a hundred and twenty 4/3 M 126~252 35~70 12~ninety seven 600~1400 508
100HHS-E 120 six/4 M 324~720 90~two hundred 30~118 600~one thousand 711
150HHS-S 560 eight/6 M 468-1008 a hundred thirty~280 twenty~ninety four five hundred~1000 711

50HS-C euipped with EPTT EPTT 36kw diesel motor

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  in Van Turkey  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Small Sand Pump River Sand Ming Pump Diesle Motor Sand Pump manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler